Etas made this tool to help the community to be able to move away from ancient windows programs and more into a modern future. The website does not keep track of your templates. Besides the intial loading there is no further communication required. Once you selected a specific template you can just share the URL in the address bar so your friends can have a look.
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  • Provide feedback when "traninig" of a skill fails (E.g. not enough skillpoints). Hint: The debug console shows those already.
  • Add certifications and abilities (with nice icons?)
  • Allow people to save templates in the localStorage

    To give people access on all their devices we will need some kind of server side storage (or we can just be a chrome app?)

  • Fixup the CSS for smaller devices (e.g phones). The skil tree still looks ugly there
  • Group professions in their respective categories (social, crafting, combat, ..)

    Issue here is that there is no way to tell about the group other than parsing the $category_ prefix of each skill. For example: combat_, social_ and so on

  • Optimize for attribute.

    Let users choose an attribute for which a specific template should be optimized. This needs to work for remaining and total points. We probably also want to add upper limits so people aren't exceeding hard caps and such and thus wasteing skillpoints.

  • Provide better feedback on the currently selceted skill boxes.

    One of the things I had in mind was to divide the progress bar into each selected profession. So people have an Idea how many skillpoints are being invested in each of the trees. Example: 10 Free 30 (Marksman) 30 (Brawler) 30 (Jedayh)

  • Fix tooltips for touch devices. Currently the skill tooltips are only displayed after clicking. This is certainly not how I want it to be. What are good options here? Add a checkbox style thing for selection on mobile instead?
  • Show schematics that are granted at each stage + summary of all schematics (with their descriptions?).